Thank you all who have supported me on this new venture of mine of bringing positivity into lives holistically through music and dance and emotional wellness.

I would now like to explain the name of my company.

This last year of the Monkey (2016) I have been swinging between highs and lows only to realize that the power to be happy was within myself. I took the responsibility to make my life the way I wanted – positive and creative.

When we put the key to our happiness in other people or in external things, we are giving them the power to make us happy or to disappoint us. Why not take the power within ourselves? Can others truly satisfy us? Can others make us lose weight? Can others make us healthy? No. We have to put in the efforts ourselves. The power for good physical health and positive emotional well being is only within us. Yes – we all need a little help sometimes, but only you can do what needs to be done. Therefore, the name – Power To Yu. If you want anything in life, you have to put in the actions to get it!! Take control. The Power is within You and Yu.

Yu in Chinese means fish. The symbolic meaning of fish encompasses creativity, knowledge and transformation, abundance as well as happiness. I am also a Piscean and so this made a lot of sense to me and to what I want to bring into the world.
Hence, the name Power To Yu. If you want to look good, feel great and be happy, you have to take the steps in the right direction. At Power To Yu, we will guide you along the way and you will always have a hand to hold.