Expanding Emotional Intelligence Workshop
Collaboration with Inner High Living and What’s The Story

May 29-31 10am-12:30pm | Ages 8-10 years old

Are you looking for ways to help your child become more focused?Are you looking for ways to help your child be more dynamic and creative in their thinking? Are you looking for ways to help your child express themselves more positively?

Power To Yu, Inner High Living and What’s The Story are collaborating to bring a fun and functional workshop to primary school children during their term break. We will be using a unique combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dancing, Mindfulness, Storytelling and Journaling.

Only 10 spots available.



Oh! The Places You’ll Go! (Ages 6-9)
A Journey for Mindful Creators

Januray 3rd – 5th, 2017

What’s The Story collaborated with Power To Yu  for a holiday workshop, where children were given an opportunity to express themselves through creative writing, drawing, journaling, mindfulness and storytelling in fun and imaginative ways.

Our goal–to enable children to become more positive, mindful and confident by exposing them to different creative channels of expression and tools to harness that creativity. We read the Dr. Seuss masterpiece Oh! The Places You’ll Go! and many other books to draw positive inspiration from classic and contemporary children’s literature so they could tap into, explore and develop their own unique ideas into a story.

“The wellness area at Power To Yu was an inspirational and calming space for the children to explore their ideas and express themselves through writing and drawing in their journals and storyboards. The workshop with 9 children was the perfect size for them to get a chance to present their storyboards and ideas, without feeling intimidated. By the end of day 1, our Ideas Jar was filled to the brim as the kids were bursting with creativity. We took strategic  breaks and went into the studio space to facilitate movement, yoga and dance to balance everything out.”

Puja Disha Bharwani, Chief Storyteller, What’s The Story?

Art & Dance (Ages 6-9)
Creative Expressions Camp

December 19th – 23rd 2016

In our week long Christmas camp, I covered the evolution of the classical styles of art– Renaissance, Impressionism, Expressionism and Modern Art.  They received an introduction to each period through the lives of some of the greatest artists.They learnt different dance forms to consolidate what they were learning through the different art forms.

While they immersed themselves into the sensory journey of painting in these disciplines, they also discovered their own unique styles of expressing themselves through art. They painted on their backs like Michelangelo and slowly produced their self-portraits.

Heetal Dattani, Artist & Book Illustrator, Founder – The Little Red Gallery