“I want to make it a wellness space which is a one stop shop for looking and feeling great. Happiness is what we all search for and a lot of us search for it in the way we look. We also need to focus on feeling good and that is having a positive attitude..”

Vidya Mahtani, Founder


Power To Yu (PTY) studio and wellness space offers a wide range of fitness classes and well-being workshops to make people look good, feel great and be happy. PTY brings together a holistic approach to well-being in the three spheres of body, mind and soul.

Our Power Classes for adults and children focus on keeping your body fit in a fun way, especially through music, which plays a big part in our teaching philosophy. We believe music promotes positive emotions and makes our sessions more enjoyable. We also offer a range of cardio, yoga and toning classes to give you that full body workout.

Our focus for our Power Dance classes are small group children’s classes where we teach them dancing through creative expression, individual dance therapy (where necessary) and help them build confidence to perform on stage in front of small and large audiences during our annual shows.

In addition to looking after our bodies from the outside, we need to focus on a healthy inner system as well. We will host workshops focusing on nutrition for adults and children.

Our Power Workshops will cover healthy eating, mindfulness, communications, art and many other topics for children and adults.

Feeling great is all about finding mental peace within ourselves. At Power To Yu, our goal is to integrate your physical and emotional well-being so our variety of services offer a deeper, feel good factor, instead of just a look good factor. Once you look good and feel great, then happiness is just around the corner. At Power To Yu, our pursuit is one of happiness. Live in the present. Enjoy what you are doing. Be Happy!



“What makes me feel good is when I see children enjoying the class and leaving with a positive feeling of confidence.”

“I believe anyone from the age of birth to 99 can benefit from music and movement.”

Vidya has been dancing her way through life since the age of 3. She started with solo performances on stage and was teaching other children and choreographing by the age of 7. Vidya begun the journey of dance with jazz and quickly moved onto Bollywood, hip-hop and many other forms, while growing up in Singapore.

At the age of 15, Vidya was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She initially thought her world as she knew it was going to collapse and she wouldn’t be able to do all the things normal teenage girls could do. Instead of crying about it, she did what made her happy—every time she felt down, she would turn on her favourite tunes, dance and feel great about life. Her passion for dance helped her control her diabetes through movement and a positive attitude in her mind. Vidya was able to maintain her sugar levels, feel good and keep healthy throughout her teenage and adult years, largely because of dancing regularly. The positive energy and endorphins produced through her high impact lyrical dancing has given her a healthy and happy life, with her husband and three beautiful children, who are her biggest fans.

Feeling good and spreading happiness is a central part of what Vidya wants to bring out at Power To Yu. She dances for an average of 3 hours a day—in the form of teaching and for her own practice and development as a dancer and fitness instructor.

For Vidya, teaching children dance is a strong passion and one of the reasons she opened the Power To Yu studio—to offer a dedicated space to children, so they can express themselves through music. Her classes, popularly known as the Vidanz style are infused with high energy, original moves and cleverly mixed music that relates to and is fun for different age groups of kids.

“My super hero power is teaching dance. I specialize in creative expression dancing, where the feeling of the music and the words come through in dance.”

She has been teaching children to dance for over 15 years. The age range of her children’s classes are from 2-16 years-old. They look up to her for inspiration and direction as they learn to master dance moves and build confidence for performances.

“For me, as a dancer, my philosophy is to feel the music and become the song and creatively express yourself with the dance moves, especially for children.”

Vidya is a certified mindful practitioner from Mindful Schools and practices mindful meditation daily to stay balanced. She graduated with a BA in Psychology from Georgetown University, followed by an MA in Industrial and Organisational Psychology from New York University. After graduating, she worked as a consultant in Accenture for a short while, but soon realised her real passion and desire was in teaching dance, especially to children.

She is also very dedicated to bringing Mindfulness to children at Power To Yu and will be starting classes to help the future generations stay positive, focused and balanced.